Human Rights provide a foundation for building a peaceful world.  Every human being in the state of Indiana, and the entire planet has the right to dignity, respect and freedom regardless of race, colour, sex, sexual orientation, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or ocial origin, wealth or other state. 

In addition to Constitution Day (National Law Day), also known as Samvidhan divas, is celebrated in India on 26th November every year to commemorate the adoption of the constitution of India on 26.11.1949, the constituent assembly of India adopted.   The constitution of India, and it came into effect on 26th January 1950.

                On this subject, Nehru Yuvakendra, Namakkal District, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India, National Service Scheme, Youth Red Cross and Red Ribbon Club of Trinity College for Women (Arts and Science), Namakkal and Creative India Youth Club, Namakkal jointly organized a one day webinar programme entitled “Human Rights Day and Constitution Day” on 12th December 2020. 

     Mr. Brijesh Kaushik, District Youth Coordinator, Nehru Yuvakendra, Namakkal and Karur District presided over the programme. 

             Mr. Brijesh Kaushik, in his address spoke about “the importance and special uniqueness of the Indian constitution”.    Dr. Arasuparameswaran, Director –Academic of Trinity College for Women welcomed the gathering.Dr. C. Venkatachalam, Prof and Head (Retd.), Department of Sociology, Periyar University, Salem and Mr. P. Manikandan, Member – Disrict Advisory Committee on Youth Programmes  (DACYP), Namakkal were the resource persons. 

            Mr. P.K.Sengodan, Chairman, Er. K. Nallusamy, Secretary and Dr. M.R. Lakshiminarayanan, Principal of the College offered their felicitation address. 

            Pasumai Mr. M. Thillai Sivakumar, Joint Secretary, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Government of Tamil Nadu, Namakkal, in his address that we must be aware for our rights and it’s our duty to safeguard the rights others, exclusively who connects with vulnerable group of persons.    Dr. G. Venkatachalam enlightened briefed students about helpfulness and significance of constitution in comparison to practices in other countries.    Mr. P. Manikandan shared their views on human rights and the importance of constitution day.  

            Vote of thanks was given by Dr. B. Valluvan, Accountant, Nehru Yuvakendra, Namakkal.  

  The programme officers of RRC, NSS and YRC- Dr. R. Savithri, Dr. M. Sasikala, Mrs. S. Jayamathi, Mr. N.S. Senthilkumar. The Coordinator of Research and Development Cell Dr. N. Elamathi, The Coordinator of Alumni Forum Mrs. R.Navamani, The Coordinator of  Entrepreneurship Development Cell Dr G. Selvalakshmi and and also more or less 95 students took part in that occasion.     

“Techniques and strategies of startup in entrepreneurships”

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell and Research, Development and Innovation Cell of Trinity College for Women (Arts and Science), Namakkal organized a one day webinar event titled “Techniques and strategies of startup in entrepreneurships” on 18th December 2020.  

                In this regard,  Mr. K. Nallusamy, Managing Director, Thenpandian Group of Companies, Namakkal was the chief guest. 

               This program was held through the Google Meet of video conferencing. 

          The chief guest in his inaugural address elucidated the chances, opportunities and challenges for startups in the present today economic scenario.   He also told the students that they have to effort and exploit the opportunities available for startups in India.   Entrepreneurship is a key to national growth and solving many problems.   Entrepreneurship is similar to planting a new tree.  An entrepreneur is like a tree.  A tree gives filtered air for humans, grass and pasturage for animals, home for birds, fruits for human beings and wood for the farmer.   This entrepreneurship brings a new solution to old human problems.  It comes up with jobs for skilled people, it brings competition to produce top quality products and services, to give taxes for government, generating new employment opportunities  and creating leadership skills for owners, he indicated the gravity of entrepreneur and entrepreneurships. 

            Mr. P.K. Sengodan, Chairman of the College presided over the webinar event.  Dr M.R. Lakshiminarayanan, Principal of the College welcomed the gathering.  Dr. Arasuparameswaran, Director – Academic, Dr. N. Elamathi, Coordinator, RDIC and Dr. G. Selvalakshmi, Coordinator, EDC focused on the role of Entrepreneurship  Cell and Research, Development and Innovation Cell to our student’s welfare.  

        Mrs. R. Navamani, Coordinator, Alumni Forum, Mrs. S. Bhuvaneswari, Member of SWAYAM, Mr. N.S. Senthilkumar, Coordinator, Red Ribbon Club, Dr. M. Sasikala, NSS programme Officer (Unit 1), Mrs. S. Jayamathi, NSS Programme Officer (Unit 2),  Dr. A. Latha, AP in Tamil, Mrs. B. Lena, AP in Mathematics, Mrs. G. Sathiya Sangari, AP in Commerce and Mrs. S. Usharani, AP in Computer Science took part in that webinar. More or less 100 students participated in that web based programme.