Trinity Academy Charitable Trust was incepted on 1998. Trinity College for Women (Arts and Science) is functioning under the Trust. The trust is successfully managed by nine trustees. Its head office is situated in Trinity Nagar, Mohanur Road, Sanyasikaradu Post, Namakkal Taluk & District. The main of this trust is upliftment, enhancement and growth of women higher education in and around Namakkal surroundings. Every year, the trust recognizes many benefactors such as  meritorious students and sports achievers and offers special scholarship on behalf of the management.

The trustees are:-

  • 1. Er. K.Nallusamy, Managing Trustee
  • 2. Mr. Rama. Srinivasan, Trustee
  • 3. Mr. S. Gopal, Trustee
  • 4. Mr. D. Chandrasekaran, Trustee
  • 5. Dr. R. Kulandaivel, Trustee
  • 6. Mr. P. Dhayalan, Trustee
  • 7. Mr. P.K. Sengodan, Trustee
  • 8. Mr. P. Palanisamy, Trustee
  • 9. Mr. J. Arunkumar, Trustee