Committee of SC/ST Students

Committee of SC/ST

The Committee of  SC/ST was framed on 12.08.2017.   The cell has been established to support and to bring students from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes into the mainstream.  The main objective of the Cell,  with the purpose to empower the SC/ST students in the College.   The College takes special interest in facilitating financial support (Especially Scholarship from Government of Tamil Nadu) and other financial agencies.    They are also encouraged to participate for career guidance programmes, seminars and other events, which would equip them with the necessary skills to choose a career option.

Apart from that

  1. To promote equality and social justice for SC and Students
  2. To counsel and guide Scheduled Caste and Schedule tribe students and help them to manage academic as well as personal issues of College life.
  3. To inform the SC/ST students regarding various scholarships programs of the State Govt.
  4. To give the mechanism to redress the grievance of students of SC/ST
  5. To ensure protection, safety and reservation as provided in the constitution of India.
  6. To arrange and organize for special opportunities to enhance the career growth
  7. To take such follow up measures to achieve the aims and targets laid down by the both the Governments of Central and State.
  8. To communicate with the students and motivate them for better future planning.

Committee members of  SC/ST

S.No Name of the staff Designation Mobile No
01 Dr. M.R.Lakshiminarayanan Principal 9597311258
02 Mr. N.S. Senthilkumar AP in Computer Science 9750966997
03 Dr. A. Latha AP in Tamil 9445746207
04 Dr. N. Elamathi AP in Comp. Sci 9487494921
05 Mrs. R. Navamani AP in Comp. Sci 8012355078
06 Mrs. G. Nithya AP in Commerce 9940810162
07 Dr.M.Sasikala AP in Commerce & Senate Member-Periyar University 7904789498
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