Standards Club

Standards Club:

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is lighting up the future of India with a visionary initiative—the creation of standards clubs in schools and colleges across the nation. This innovative endeavour aims to instil in young minds the paramount importance of quality, standards, and generating scientific temperament.

In this regard, “Standards Club” was inaugurated at Trinity College for Women, Namakkal. It was initiated by the Bureau of Indian Standards (the National Standards Body of India). This association is very closely linked with the departments of physics and chemistry at the college.

Members of the Standards Club

  1. Dr. R. Sakunthaladevi, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Trinity College for Women, Namakkal, Coordinator of the Standards Club,

Student Members of Standards Club

  1. Ms. G. Vineha, first-year M.Sc., Chemistry, Core Club Member, Standard Club
  2. Ms. R. Aarthi, first-year M.Sc. in Physics, Student Leader, Standards Club
  3. Ms. S. Rashika, first-year M.Sc. in Chemistry, Core Club Member, Standard Clubs, introduced the chief guest
  4. Ms. S. Poovitha, second-year B.Sc. in Physics, Core Club Member, Standards Club
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