PG and Research Department of Commerce

PG and Research Department of Commerce

B.Com – Year of Starting – 2000-2001.

B.Com (CA) – Year of Starting – 2002-2003.

M.Com – Year of Starting – 2003-2004.

M.Phil COMMERCE – Year of Starting – 2015-2016.

Ph.D COMMERCE – Year of Starting – 2021-2022

Commerce education plays a vital role in the modern commercial world. After the
implementation of LPG (Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization) policy, our country
has attained enormous growth in economic and commercial activities. It leads to create more
demand for commerce education ultimately. A well trained commerce graduate can face the
challenges successfully in this 21st Century.


  • The students who wish to pursue Commerce graduation as their field of study and career path have the great opportunity to choose various specialisations in various fields and there are ample career opportunities available for the students.
  • The candidates can seek employment in the Private, Public and Government Sector also.
  • The commerce graduates can become as:
    Junior level in Accounting, Senior Accountant, Accounts Executive, Cashier/Teller, HR Manager, Business Executive, Operations Management, Data Analyst, Research and Development Manager, Information Systems Manager, Project Manager, Bank Manager, Marketing Manager, Investment Banker, Wealth Manager, Auditor.
  • After completing PG level courses under Commerce, the candidates can seek employment in the BFSI Sector, opt for teaching or lecturer-ship or go for research.
  •  Commerce graduates can get employment in the remarkable sectors: such as Railways, Income Tax Authorities, Government Secretaries, Government undertakings etc.


  • Our department of Commerce aims to prepare the students for their career in the Accounting profession and in various fields.
  • The programme promotes an attitude of life-long learning among students and prepares them to become a good professional.
  •  The Institute has focused and relevant course content with rigour in teaching and assessment. It is continuously updated to integrate changes that are taking place in the business environment.
  • To get practical exposure the curriculum also includes summer internship, project work, interaction with industry experts, industry visits, practical exposures through various training, employability skills workshop and learning through the various co-curricular and extension activities give a feel of the real world which encourages active learning for a better foundation.
  • The department is also concentrated to provide a strong guidance for gainful employment and for pursuing higher study in India and abroad.
  • Institute of Commerce has entered into MoUs for academic collaboration with Indian Academic Researchers’ Association (IARA), Tiruchirapalli to enrich the research knowledge of the students and Faculty also.
  • The Department of Commerce also benefits from the MoU’s with Nehru College of Arts & Science to provide students with National exposure.
  • The Institute has a well-designed library and computer laboratory. Further, the department is organizing national and International Seminars and Conferences via resource persons from various colleges, Universities, Industrial sector and Officials from private and government organizations also.
  • The department also believes in developing the leadership and teamwork skills among the students.
  • The commerce students are motivated to participate in various clubs offered by the institute. The students are encouraged to participate in all types of activities – academic, social, cultural and sports which inculcate the managerial and social skills among them

Dr.M.R.Lakshiminarayanan (Principal)

Associate Professor in Commerce

Education Qualification
M.Com.,M.B.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., PGDCA

Trinity Experience

UG – 5 Years 8 Months 20 Days

PG –  5 Years 8 Months 20 Days

other College Experience – 20 Years 10 months

Dr.M.Sasikala (AP & HOD)

Education Qualification
M.Com., M.Phil., M.B.A., Dip(yoga)., SET.,Ph.D.,

Trinity Experience :

UG – 16 Years 2 Months

PG – 15 Years 8 Month

Mrs.G.Nithya (AP)

Education Qualification
M.Com.,M.Phil.,D,Co.op., M.A(YOGA).,M.B.A.,NET.,

Trinity Experience :

UG – 13 Years  17 Months

PG – 11 Years 07 Months

Dr.S.Devi (AP)

Assistant professor in Economics

Education Qualification
M.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.,

Trinity Experience :

UG – 6  Years 9 Months 25 Days

PG – 4 Years 9 Months 25 Days

Other college experience : 5 Years 8 Months 2 Days


Education Qualification


Trinity Experience :

UG – 2 years 1 Month 15 days

PG – 2 Years 1 Month 15 Days

Other College Experience : 2 Years 6 Months

Mrs.A.Rajeswari (AP)

Education Qualification

M.Com.,M.Phil., B.ED.,

Trinity Experience :

UG – 1 Years 5 Months 11 days

PG  – 1 Years 5 Months 11 days

Other College Experience : 2 Years 9 Months 20 days

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