Our Trinity College for Women, Namakkal, started the new organization under the name “Viksit Bharat Cell.” 

Viksit Bharat 2047 is the vision to transform India into a developed nation by 2047, the centenary celebration, and the 100th year of independence.  This vision encompasses various facets of development, like economic growth, social progress, environmental sustainability, and good governance, to make India a developed nation by 2047.

  1. Mrs. M. Rajapadmavathi, Assistant Professor in Commerce, Coordinator of the Viksit Bharat Cell

Members of the Viksit Bharat Cell

  1. Mrs. B. Kavitha (Assistant Professor in Physics),
  2. Dr.K. Vijayakumari (Assistant Professor in Computer Science),
  3. Dr. N. Subalakshmi Assistant Professor in (Tamil),
  4. Mrs. S. Gayathri (Assistant Professor in English),
  5. Mrs. M. Nandhini (Assistant Professor in Mathematics),
  6. Ms. M. Rineesha (Assistant Professor in Chemistry),
  7. Ms. P. Madhupriya (Assistant Professor in Commerce), and
  8. Ms. P. Sri Renuga Devi (Assistant Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics)
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