On July 1, 2024, a procession celebrating the 25th Silver Jubilee of Trinity College for Women, Namakkal, took place at the college campus, featuring cultural programs and academic achievements.

“Trinity College for Women, Namakkal, kicked off the silver jubilee celebrations.”

On July 1, 2024, a procession celebrating the 25th Silver Jubilee of Trinity College for Women, Namakkal, took place at the college campus, featuring cultural programs and academic achievements.

“This program was presided over by Er. K. Nallusamy, Chairman of the College. Dr. R. Kulandaivel, President, Trinity Academy Matric Higher Secondary School; Mr. P. Dhayalan, Transport Director, Trinity Academy Educational Institutions; Mr. Rama Srinivaasan, Secretary, Trinity International School; Mr. S. Selvaraj, Secretary; and Aruna Selvaraj, Executive Director, Trinity College for Women, offered their felicitation addresses. The college principal, Mr. M. R. Lakshminarayanan, extends a warm welcome to everyone. Dr. Arasuparameswaran, Coordinator, Silver Jubilee Celebrations Committee, Trinity College for Women, introduced the chief guests.

25th year of Silver Jubilee celebrations and the Inauguration of the First Year Undergraduate Students were started by Mr. K. Vaidiyanathan, Editor, Leading Tamil Daily of Dinamani. He addresses the students and talks about how education is important. The Tamil language is spoken in 179 countries worldwide. It remains our specialty, no matter where we go. Mastering its expression well is our unique strength, regardless of how much we learn. Today’s generation bears a significant responsibility. It’s incorrect to blindly support someone we admire, regardless of their actions. We must discern between right and wrong. He shared this valuable lesson with the students.

Most college students today need to engage more in self-study. This is because they are well-informed about their surroundings. We can watch movies ten years from now, but we must build our education now; we cannot delay it. In Tamil Nadu, students in cities like Chennai and Coimbatore have greater exposure compared to those in other parts of the state. This needs to be encouraged. Many achievers in the world come not from big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, or Chennai, but from ordinary towns or villages. Those of you from Namakkal should travel widely and achieve more through self-discipline. Be courageous and read newspapers daily. Learn Thirukkural daily. Take inspiration from leaders like Gandhi, Bharathi, Vivekanandar, Namakkal Kavignar, Kamarajar, Abdul Kalam, and others.

Kavignar Muthulingam, Senior Lyricist, Tamil Cinema, and Former Poet of Laureate, Government of Tamil Nadu, eloquently speaks for the Tamil Association of Delicate Women (Mellina Tamil Mandram). The Tamil language is always distinctive and one of the best languages in the world. For Tamilians, number ‘Three’ is very important: in God, we have Brahma, Vishnu,  Siva; in Tamil, we have Vallinam (hard consonants or sounds in Tamil), Idayinam (soft consonants in Tamil), and Mellinam (medium consonants or sounds in Tamil); in fruit, we have Ma (mango), Pazha (jackfruit), and Vazhai (banana); in literature, Iyal (prose), Isai (music), and Nadagam (drama). Even the Thirukkural taught us three main things: virtue (Aram), wealth (Porul), and love (Inbam). 

In the inauguration, the management also honored the faculty members, Dr. R. Navamani, Dr. B. Lena, Dr. A. Vijayasarathi, Dr. S. Usharani, and Dr. K. Gowrimala, who had completed their doctorate degrees during the academic year 2023-2024.

The dignitaries also congratulate Mrs. K. Vijayakumari from the Computer Science department for her achievement in getting star-level status in the SWAYAM NPTEL Online Examinations.

This program was hosted by Dr. T.K. Anuradha and Mrs. S. Jayamathi from the department of Tamil. The Administrative Officer, Mr. N.S. Senthil Kumar, organized technical arrangements.  Nearly 2000 members attended the program. The event also featured cultural programs by students. Mr. S. Somasundaram, Principal, Trinity Academy Matric Higher Secondary School, Namakkal also took part.

At the conclusion of the program, Dr. M. Sasikala, Assistant Professor and Head, Postgraduate & Research, Department of Commerce, proposed the vote of thanks. The entire campus was adorned with balloons and flowers, adding to the festive atmosphere for the audience.

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