Programme on Art of Storytelling

On behalf of English Language Club, Trinity College for Women, Namakkal conducted a one day competitive programme entitled “Art of story telling” on 09.03.2023.  The organizers of that Programme were Mrs. P. Umabharathi, Assistant Professor and Head, Department of English, Mrs. S. Grace Juliet, AP in English & Dr. Lalitha Easwaran, AP in Chemistry.   Our students have explained the various components of story telling such as plot, setting, characters, point of view and conflict.   Also, they pointed out the importance and benefits of storytelling.  13 students of our College actively took part.

The details are as follows:-

S.NoName of the studentYear & DegreeAchievements
01Ms. S. PriyankaIII B.A., English1st  Prize
02Ms. A. Afizha BegamI B.Com.,2nd Prize
03Ms. T. SaridaI M.A., English3rd  Prize
04Ms. V.VishanthiniI B.Com.,Actively Participated
05Ms. R. AnnapooraniIII B.A., EnglishActively Participated
06Ms. S. ShivashiniIII B.A., EnglishActively Participated
07Ms. S. RashikaIII B.A., EnglishActively Participated
08Ms. E. TreeshaIII B.A., EnglishActively Participated
09Ms. V.S.AbiramiIII B.A., EnglishActively Participated
10Ms. S. BhuvanaIII B.A., EnglishActively Participated
11Ms. K. SowmikaI M.A., EnglishActively Participated
12Ms. M. NalinakumariII M.A.,  EnglishActively Participated
13Ms. S. KayathriII M.A.,  EnglishActively Participated

All the prize winners and the participants are greeted. 

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