03.10.23 – Programme on “Entrepreneurship: Innovation Startup Ideas and Concepts for College Students”

Programme on “Entrepreneurship: Innovation Startup Ideas and Concepts for College Students”

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell, Institution Innovation Council, Internal Quality Assurance Cell, in association with the Postgraduate and Research Department of Commerce, Trinity College for Women, Namakkal, and PU-HEDP-HUB (Periyar University Innovation Entrepreneurship Development Programme HUB) Salem, organised an awareness programme on “Entrepreneurship: Innovation Startup Ideas and Concepts for College Students” on October 3, 2023, on our college campus. Dr. A. Abdhul Kathar, Field Coordinator, PU-IEDP, HUB, Salem, Periyar University, Salem, was the special invitee.

Entrepreneurs are not just people who invest huge amounts of money and make big profits. Entrepreneurs are those who invest small amounts and provide employment opportunities to others, both directly and indirectly. The role of entrepreneurs is very important for our country’s development. Because of women’s entrepreneurship, not only their families’ development but also our country’s growth, he said. Also, he elaborated on the availability of bank loan facilities, technology advice, strategies to sell the finished products, patent rights, etc. Many students who are studying degrees at the college are doing part-time entrepreneurial activities in the fields of textiles, agriculture-related industries, food and hotel industries, grocery shops, etc. It is one of the great things. After the growth of online business, many women have been involved in these e-commerce activities, and they earn more money, he pointed out.

Entrepreneurship is very important for our young generations. Especially for the purpose of our nation’s development, women’s entrepreneurship is needed in this current scenario. Entrepreneurship plays a significant role in empowering women through cultural, economic, social, and political means. A great number of nationalised, private, cooperative, and financial institutions in India provide financial assistance for young women entrepreneurs for start-up programs. The Muktha scheme is very useful and beneficial for women entrepreneurs. Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. Job creators are needed instead of job seekers, as the principal, Dr. M.R. Lakshiminarayanan, pointed out. Dr. Arasuparameswaran, Director, Academic, denoted the importance of women’s empowerment for the development of our society. Mrs. G. Nithya, Coordinator, EDC, The members of EDC, Mrs. S. Bhuvaneswari (Computer Science), Mrs. M. Raja Padmavathi (Commerce), Mrs. V. Indirakumari (Chemistry), Dr. S. Revathy (Mathematics), Dr. K. Keerthana (English), and Ms. K. Saranya (Physics), also took part.

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