55 faculty members of Trinity College for Women, Namakkal, went to Namakkal town and devoted those gods on November 4, 2023.

Faculty members worshipped Lord Anjaneya and Lord Narasimha.

Thousands of devotees from various parts of the places in and around South India took part in the consecration ceremony (Mahakumbabhishekam) that was conducted with spiritual fervor at Sree Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple and Sree Anjaneyar Temple on November 1, 2023, in Namakkal town. 

In this continuation,  55 faculty members of Trinity College for Women, Namakkal, went to Namakkal town and devoted those gods on November 4, 2023. The management of Trinity Academy provided free bus facilities to the faculty for pickup and drop-off.

Name and designation of the participants

01Dr. M.R. LakshiminarayananPrincipal
02Dr. ArasuparameswaranDirector –Academic
03Dr. T.K. AnuradhaHOD & AP of PG & Research Tamil
04Dr. R. SavithriHOD & AP of UG Tamil
05Mrs. S. JayamathiAssistant Professor in Tamil
06Dr. A. LathaAssistant Professor in Tamil
07Dr. B. VishnupriyaAssistant Professor in Tamil
08Dr. C.GobiyaAssistant Professor in Tamil
09Mrs. K. BarathiAssistant Professor in Tamil
10Mrs. K. PadmavathiAssistant Professor in Tamil
11Dr. N. SubalakshmiAssistant Professor in Tamil
12Mrs. G. KannagiAP & HOD of English
13Mrs. L. DeepikaAssistant Professor in English
14Ms. M. RekhaAssistant Professor in English
15Mrs. K. GowrimalaAssistant Professor in English
16Mrs. S. GayathriAssistant Professor in English
17Dr. K. KeerthanaAssistant Professor in English
18Mrs. P.AbiramiAssistant Professor in English
19Dr. B. LenaAP & HOD of Mathematics
20Dr. S. JeyanthiAssistant Professor in Mathematics
21Mrs. V. GokilaAssistant Professor in Mathematics
22Mrs. M. NandhiniAssistant Professor in Mathematics
23Dr. S. RevathyAssistant Professor in Mathematics
24Mrs. B. KavithaAssistant Professor in Physics
25Mrs. S. MohanapriyaAssistant Professor in Physics
26Mrs. V. KalaivaniAssistant Professor in Physics
27Mrs. N. ThangamaniAP & HOD of UG Chemistry
28Dr. N. SanthiAP & HOD of PG Chemistry
29Mrs. V. IndirakumariAssistant in Chemistry
30Dr. S. KalaivaniAssistant in Chemistry
31Ms. M. RineeshaAssistant in Chemistry
32Mrs. G. MageshLab. Asst. in Chemistry
33Mrs. R. NavamaniAP & HOD of UG Computer Science
34Mrs. S. BhuvaneswariAssistant Professor in Computer Science
35Mrs. A. VijayasarathiAssistant Professor in Computer Science
36Mrs. S. PriyaAssistant Professor in Computer Science
37Mrs. K. MekalaAssistant Professor in Computer Science
38Dr. K. VijayakumariAssistant Professor in Computer Science
39Mrs. D. PrabhaAssistant Professor in Computer Science
40Mrs. P. NavajothiLab. Instructor in Computer Science
41Dr. M. SasikaAP & HOD of Commerce
42Mrs. G. NithyaAssistant Professor in Commerce
43Dr. S. DeviAssistant Professor in Commerce
44Mrs. G. KokilaAssistant Professor in Commerce
45Mrs. A. RajeswariAssistant Professor in Commerce
46Ms. L. KeerthiAssistant Professor in Commerce
47Ms. P. MadhupriyaAssistant Professor in Commerce
48Ms. P. DhanushiyaAssistant Professor in Commerce
49Mrs. R. RupaAP & HOD of Nutrition and Dietetics
50Ms. P. Sri RenugadeviAssistant Professor in Nutrition & Dietetics
51Mrs. V. SaranyaAssistant Professor in Nutrition & Dietetics
52Mrs. A.P. PavithaAssistant Professor in Costume Design and Fashion
53Mrs. R. ShanmugapriyaLab. Demonstrator in CDF
54Dr. M. SelviLibrarian
55Mrs. V. ArchanaPhysical Director
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