Book Fair 2023 – 28.2.23 to 12.3.23

Namakkal Book Fair 2023

            The district administration of Namakkal organized “Namakkal Book Fair – 2023” (நாமக்கல் புத்தக திருவிழா 2023) from 28th February 2023 to 12th March 2023.   It was held in the premises of Government Higher Secondary School, Nallipalayam, Namakkal North.   This book fair was inaugurated by honourable Minister for Forests, Government of Tamil Nadu Mr. Ma. Mathivendan on 28.02.2023.  Mrs. Shreya P Singh, District Collector, Namakkal presided over the inaugural function of the book fair.   Mr. K. R. N. Rajeshkumar, Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha, Mr.A.K.P. Chinraj, Member of Parliament in Namakkal Constituency, Mr. P. Ramalingam, MLA, Namakkal, Mr.A. Ganesamoorthy, MP of Erode, Mr. K. Ponnusamy, MLA of Sendamangalam, Mr. E.R. Easwaran, MLA of Tiruchengode, Mr. P. Thangamani, MLA of Komarapalayam, Mr. S. Sekar, MLA of Paramathi-Velur, Mr. D. Kalanithi, Chairman of Namakkal Municipality & Mr. C. Kalaichelvan,  Superintendent of Police, Namakkal District and Mr. V. Madeswaran, District Library Officer, Namakkal district took part in that function.   It has 80 stalls with over 50000 books.   In these 13 days, 20 personalities from different fields spoke at the book fair.   

In continuation, The Department of Library, Trinity College for Women, Namakkal executed a one day programme entitled “Students participation in Namakkal Book Fair – 2023” (நாமக்கல் புத்தகத் திருவிழா 2023 – மாணவியர் பங்கேற்பு) on 06th March 2023 (Monday).   Owing to the perception of awareness of book reading habits among our students, this programme was held.    All the students of Trinity College for Women actively participated in that Namakkal book fair on the date of 06.03.2023 and they eagerly purchased the various titles of books.  

Apart from students, on behalf of Trinity College for Women, the following members have participated in that book fair. 

Er. K. NallusamySecretary
Mrs. Aruna SelvarajExecutive Director
Dr. M.R. LakshiminarayananPrincipal
Dr. ArasuparameswaranDirector – Academic
Dr. R.A. AnithaAssistant Professor inTamil
Mrs. K. BarathiAssistant Professor inTamil
Mrs. P. Uma BharathiAP & HOD of English
Mrs. K. GowrimalaAssistant Professor in English
Mrs. S. MadhukaraveniAssistant Professor in Mathematics
Mrs. P. KarthikeyaniAssistant Professor in Statistics
Ms. A. ThenmozhiAssistant Professor in Mathematics
Dr. B. LakshmiAP & HOD of Physics
Mrs. B. KavithaAssistant Professor in Physics
Dr. R. SakunthaladeviAssistant Professor in Physics
Mrs. S. BhuvaneswariAssistant Professor in Computer Science
Mrs. A. VijayasarathiAssistant Professor in Computer Science
Mrs. S. PriyaAssistant Professor in Computer Science
Mrs. K. MekalaAssistant Professor in Computer Science
Dr. K. VijayakumariAssistant Professor in Computer Science
Mrs. V. IndirakumariAssistant Professor in Chemistry
Dr. S. AnidhaAssistant Professor in Chemistry
Dr. S. KalaivaniAssistant Professor in Chemistry
Dr. S. DeviAssistant Professor in Economics
Mrs. M. RajapadmavathiAssistant Professor in Commerce
Dr. R. SubaAssistant Professor in Commerce
Mrs. K. AmuthaAssistant Professor in Commerce
Ms. P. Sri RenugadeviAssistant Professor in Nutrition & Dietetics
Mrs. V.SowmiyaAssistant Professor in Nutrition & Dietetics

Besides that, our Students of Trinity College for women have enthusiastically attended the various competitions like essay writing, singing, poetry, drawing, elocution, drama and quiz programme.    Students of Many higher educational institutions in and around Namakkal participated in those competitions. 

The details were as follows:-

Date – 01.03.2023 –Name of the competition – Essay Writing

S.NoName of the studentYear and DegreeAchievements
01Ms. R. HariniI B.Sc., Comp. Sci., – A SectionSecond Place –  in the title of “So learn that you may full and faultless” (கற்க கசடற)
02Ms. M. SanthiyaI B.A., EnglishActively participated
03Ms. S.. SnekaIII B.Sc.,, MathematicsActively participated
04Ms. B. Monika SriIII B.Sc., MathematicsActively participated
05Ms. R. MadhumithaIII B.Com.,Actively participated
06Ms. M. Deepa SriIII B.Com.,Actively participated
07Ms. M.S. RajasriII B.Sc., Comp. Sci.,Actively participated
08Ms. K. GopikaI BCAActively participated
09Ms. P. KiruthikaI B.Sc., CS –AActively participated
10Ms.  M. SowmiyaI B.Sc., CS- BActively participated
11Ms. M.SindhiyaI B.Sc., CS – BActively participated
12Ms. R. SubithaI B.Sc.,CS – BActively participated

Date – 02.03.2023 –Name of the competition – Singing

S.NoName of the studentYear and DegreeAchievements
01Ms. R. DharshanaIII B.Sc., MathematicsThird Place –  in the title of “The sound of the name “Prosperous Tamil Nadu” (செந்தமிழ் நாடெனும் போதினிலே)
02Ms. B.A KanishkaI B.Com., CAActively participated
03Ms. M. KeerthanaI B.Com., CAActively participated
04Ms. K. BavyaI B.Com., CAActively participated
05Ms. B. Monika SriIII B.Sc., MathematicsActively participated
06Ms. M. SanthiyaI B.Sc., CS – AActively participated
07Ms. M. SandhiyaI B.A., EnglishActively participated
08Ms. K. SrinidhiIII B.Sc., CS – BActively participated
09Ms. P. KiruthikaI B.Sc., CS – AActively participated
10Ms. R. HariniI B.Sc., CS – AActively participated
11Ms. T. KaniI B.Sc., CS – AActively participated
12Ms. S. YuvasriI BCAActively participated
13Ms. P. ShivikaI BCAActively participated
14Ms. R. MadhumithaI B.Com.,Actively participated
15Ms. P. ReenaI B.Sc., CS- BActively participated
16Ms. M. MadhumithaII B.Com.,Actively participated
17Ms. S. JananiII B.Com.,Actively participated

Date – 03.03.2023 –Name of the competition – Poetry

S.NoName of the studentYear and DegreeAchievements
01Ms. P. KiruthikaI B.Sc., CSThird Place –  in the title of “Learn more from the books -win many a day” (நூல் பல கல் நாள் பல வெல் )
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