Celebration of International PI day – 14.03.2023

*** Celebration of international PI day (14th March 2023)

            Each and every year on 14th March, the world celebrates PI day to recognize the mathematical constant, PI, it is defined and acknowledged as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameters and the value for PI is 22/7 or 3.14.   In the celebration, students of Mathematics participated with great enthusiasm, zeal and excitement, availing the opportunity to show their talent.  On this subject, the various programmes like Math Mehandi, Sudoku and creation of Human PI was conducted by the faculty members of Mathematics Mrs. B. Lena, Dr. S. Jeyanthi, Mrs. V. Gokila, Mrs. S. Madhukaraveni, Mrs. P. Karthikeyani, Mrs. P. Nandhini, Mrs. A. Thenmozhi and Ms. V.G. Priyadharshini.   

Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, Team 4 and Team 5 have actively participated. 

List of winners – Math Mehandi

Name of the EventName of the TeamName of the Student, year and degreeAchievements
Math MehandiTeam 4Ms. S. Sembaruthi &Ms. M.SubhashiniStudents of second year M.Sc., MathematicsFirst Prize
Math MehandiTeam 5Ms. S. Sneka &Ms. K. Megavathi,Students of first year M.Sc., MathematicsSecond Prize

                                                List of winners – Sudoku Event

Name of the EventName of the TeamName of the Student, year and degreeAchievements
Sudoku EventTeam 5Ms. S. Rubika, II B.Sc., MathematicsMs. S. Kowsika, I B.Sc., MathematicsMs. G. Kaviya, II M.Sc., MathematicsMs. R.Roshini, I M.Sc., MathematicsMs. P.Anisha, II B.Sc., MathematicsFirst
Sudoku EventTeam 2Ms. R. Suvetha, II M.Sc., MathematicsMs. E.S. Pragathi, I B.Sc., MathematicsMs. A. Muzayyina Begum, II B.Sc., MathematicsMs. P. Vinithra, III B.Sc., MathematicsMs. R. Madhumitha, I M.Sc., MathematicsSecond

In the event of creation of Human PI all students of Mathematics (both B.Sc., & M.Sc., Mathematics) enthusiastically took part.

All the participants are greeted by Mr. P.K. Sengodan, Chairman, Er. K. Nallusamy, Secretary, Mrs. Aruna Selvaraj, Executive Director, Dr. M.R. Lakshiminarayanan, Principal, Dr. Arasuparameswaran, Director – Academic and Mr. N.S. Senthilkumar, Administrative Officer.   

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