Family Festival Event of Alumni – (26.12.2018)

“Family Festival Event of Alumni was held on 26th December 2018 @ 11 AM in the place of Library, Trinity College for Women, Namakkal.

Mrs. R. Poovitha, Treasurer/Former Faculty Member of Mathematics delivered the welcome address.

Group discussions were held amongst alumni members of the College.

They discussed what are the steps to be taken by the Alumni Forum to fulfil the vision and suggestions of this forum.

 Mrs. R. Navamani, President of Alumni Forum was happy to share that this Forum would sponsor Rs. 100000/- (Rupees one lakh only) for purchasing Water Doctor (Water Purified Equipment) and Sanitary Napkin Disposal Machines to both the blocks of Main and Science (Each one) for the sake of students as well as staff members.

Dr. M. Sasikala, Secretary of Alumni Forum of the College proposed the vote of thanks.

The members of Alumni  Mrs. V. Gokila, Mrs. G. Nithya, Mrs.  N. Vijayarani, Mrs. R. Priyadharshini, Mrs. R. Kaviya,  Mrs. V. Prabha, Mrs. V. Gayathri, Mrs. P. Sathiya, Mrs. P.Gowthami, Ms. K. Saranya and Mrs. S. Devi were also present. 

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