Naan Mudhalvan (Amassive upskilling programme – நான் முதல்வன் – உலகை வெல்லும் இளைய தமிழகம்) sensitization and review meeting for Periyar Universityaffiliated Arts and Science CollegesPrincipals and SPOC’s was held on 23rd March 2023 in the PeriyarUniversity campus

Naan Mudhalvan Meeting for the Principals and SPOC’s – 23.03.2023

          Naan Mudhalvan (A massive upskilling programme – நான் முதல்வன்  – உலகை வெல்லும் இளைய தமிழகம்) sensitization and review meeting for Periyar University affiliated Arts and  Science Colleges Principals and SPOC’s was held on 23rd March 2023 in the Periyar University campus.   Dr. P. Thirumoorthi, Director, Naan Mudhalvan Programme, Periyar University, Salem welcomed the gathering.   Dr. V. Dura Rajulu, Vice-President, Academia-Industry Connect, Naan Mudhalvan Programme, Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation (TNSDC) Chennai was the special guest.

          Mr. M. Vinoth & Ms. Pinki Nowshi Programme Managers, Naan Mudhalvan Programme were the  resource persons.   Mr. Ku. Easwaran, Assistant Director, Naan Mudhalvan spoke about the importance of Naan Mudhalvan Scheme for the benefit of College students. 

Mr. M. Vinoth and Ms. Pinki Nowshi, they highlighted the various subjects related to Naan Mudhalvan Scheme. These were

1.     Status of student on boarding in Naan Mudhalvan Portal

2.     Status of student logged in

3.     Status of student – faculties course allocation in Naan Mudhalvan Portal

4.     Branchwise Naan Mudhalvan Course implementation status

·         Language proficiency for employability – Cambridge

·         Digital skills for employability – Microsoft

·         Emerging Technology for Employability  – Google – Smart Bride

·         Emerging Technology for Employability – Sales Force – Smart Bridge

·         Emerging Technology for Employability – Edunet Breadth Model

·         Emerging Technology for Employability – Edunet Deep Model

·         Emerging Technology for Employability – Udemy

·         Emerging Technology for Employability – Izapy

·         Data Analytics with Advanced Tools for Employability – SalesForce Smart Bridge

·         Digital Banking, Audit Essentials, Logistics for Employability – NSE Academy

·         Digital Banking, Audit Essentials, Logistics for Employability –  TN Apex BFSI

·         Digital Banking, Audit Essentials, Logistics for Employability – TN Apex Logistics

·         Medical coding for Employability – TN Health Apex

·         Employability Readiness – IBM Skill Build

·         Employability Readiness –Naandi

·         Employability Readiness –Quest

.     Computer System availability in its specifications

.     Issues and challenges facing in the Naan Mudhalvan course implementation. 

The faculties of Periyar University Dr. S. Karthikeyan (Mathematics), Dr. P. Ramesh (Physics), Dr. P. Sethurajkumar (Sociology), Dr. S. Sathish, Dr. I. Lawrence & Dr. R. Rathipriya (Computer Science),  Dr. M. Suryakumar & Dr. D. Arvind Prakash (Microbiology)  and Dr. K. Alagirisamy (Statistics) spoke on that programme.  

On behalf  of Trinity College for Women, Namakkal Dr. M.R. Lakshiminarayanan, Principal & Dr. B. Vishnupriya, AP in Tamil & Coordinator of SPOC took part in that Naan Mudhalvan Awareness Programme.   

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