website Observance of world cancer day – (Walkathon) – 04.02.2023

Observance of world cancer day – (Walkathon) – 04.02.2023.

          Owing to observance of world cancer day, Thangam Hospital & Cancer Centre, Namakkal in association with Indian Medical Association, Namakkal Branch, Inner Wheel Club, Namakkal Branch, Rotary Club of Namakkal Branch and National Service Scheme of Trinity College for Women, Namakkal organized a programme entitled “Walkathon” (Rally) on 04th February 2023.

            The Walkathon started from Travellers Bungalow – Mohanur Road (Near Namakkal bus stand) and ended in Clock towers Namakkal (via Paramathi Road, Namakkal District Central Library, Anjaneyar Temple, Netaji Statue, Big Bazaar Street and Namakkal Bus stand).

           Mrs. Shreya P Singh, District Collector of Namakkal inaugurated the walkathon.   Mr. K Kalaiselvan, General Manager – (Human Resource), Tamil Nadu Newsprint Ltd, Pugalur, Karur was the guest of honour.

            Dr. R. Kulandaivel, Dr. M. Malliga Kulandaivel, Dr Deepti Mishra, Dr. Aruna Bavesh, Dr. C. Shuba, Thangam Hospitals and Cancer Centre, 54, Dr Sankaran Road, Namakkal, Dr. A. Kavitha Saravanakumar, Saravana Hospitals, Trichy Road, Namakkal,  Er. K. Nallusamy, Secretary and Mrs. Aruna Selvaraj, Executive Director,   Trinity College for Women,  The Inner Wheel President Mrs. V. Nirmala Vishwanathan, The President of Rotary Club Mr. R. Vishwanthan, Former DSP of Namakkal Mr. K. Vijayaraghavan, Mr. S.Selvaraj, Industrialist, PSK Group of Companies, Namakkal, Dr. Arasuparameswaran, Director – Academic &  Mrs. V. Archana, Directress of Physical Education of Trinity College for Women, Namakkal also participated in that walkathon.

The following  50 NSS students of Trinity College for Women actively took part.

S.No Name of the student Year and Degree
01 Ms. B. Bavyasri II B.Sc., Computer Science
02 Ms. U Nivashini II B.Sc., Computer Science
03 Ms. R. Nivashini II B.Sc., Computer Science
04 Ms. I. Varshika II B.Sc., Computer Science
05 Ms. A. Gobika II B.Sc., Computer Science
06 Ms. S. Karthika II B.Sc., Computer Science
07 Ms. S. Janani II B.Com.,
08 Ms. V. Keerthanasri II B.Com.,
09 Ms. R. Madhumitha II B.Com.,
10 Ms. D.V. Anusuya II B.Com.,
11 Ms. N.Suprija II B.Com.,
12 Ms. A. Leelavathi II B.Com.,
13 Ms. K. Keerthana II B.Com., CA
14 Ms. M. Keerthana II B.Com., CA
15 Ms. K. Chandraprabha II B.Com., CA
16 Ms. U. Tharshini II B.Com., CA
17 Ms. S. Rajalakshmi II B.Com., CA
18 Ms. S. Yashini II B.Com., CA
19 Ms. T. Valarmathi II B.Com., CA
20 Ms. B.Thanvarshini II B.Com., CA
21 Ms. S.Dharanya II B.Com., CA
22 Ms. J. Sujitha II B.Com., CA
23 Ms. B. Barani II B.Com., CA
24 Ms. M. Keerthana I B.Com., CA
25 Ms. T. Ranjitha I B.Com., CA
26 Ms. S. Keertha I B.Com., CA
27 Ms. N.M. Preethi I B.Com., CA
28 Ms. V. Monisha I B.Sc., CS B
29 Ms. B. Dhanalakshmi I BCA
30 Ms. S. Sowmiya I BCA
31 Ms. I. Thiru Bhuvansundari I BCA
32 Ms. R. Nivashini I BCA
33 Ms. S. Keerthika III B.A., English
34 Ms. A. Boomathi III B.A., English
35 Ms. R. Pooja II B.Sc., Physics
36 Ms. D. Madhumitha Sri II B.Sc., Physics
37 Ms. S. Gobika II B.Sc., Physics
38 Ms. V. Yuvashree II B.Sc., Physics
39 Ms. A. Jasmine I B.A., Tamil
40 Ms. K. Kaviya I B.A., Tamil
41 Ms. K. Enitha I B.A., Tamil
42 Ms. S. Priyanka I B.A., Tamil
43 Ms. V. Anitha II B.A., Tamil
44 Ms. V. Maghi II B.A., Tamil
45 Ms. C. Sneha II B.Sc., Mathematics
46 Ms. C. Hemadharshini II B.Com., CA
47 Ms. A. Aishwarya III B.Com., CA
48 Ms. K. Gobika I BCA
49 Ms.S. Bahirathi II B.Com,. CA
50 Ms. Rajashree II B.Com., CA

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