Report of Celebrations of International Women’s Day _-

08th March 2021


            The International Women’s Day, which was observed on 8th March 2021 was celebrated at Trinity College for Women (Arts and Science), Namakkal.  

            This event was organized by NSS (National Service Scheme) Cell of the College.

Inauguration Function:-

This event was started with a prayer song.

Dr. M.R. Lakshiminarayanan, Principal of Trinity College for Women delivered the welcome address. Mr. P.K. Sengodan, Chairman of Trinity College for Women, in his presidential address, said that women are a wonderful creation by God.   He also stated that a woman has a major role in shaping the society.  Er. K. Nallusamy, Secretary of the College emphasized the need for physical and mental strength for women to face the challenges of lifeDr Arasuparameswaran, Director – Academic focused on women’s growth for the past 50 years in India. 

1.      Cultural Programmes:-

 NSS student’s cultural competitions were held in the topic of “Need for women empowerment in current scenario”.

2.      Elocution (Debate) Competitions:-

            Beside that elocution competitions were held on that day

The titles of the Elocution Competition

1.      Women are part of society

2.      Empowering women is the only choice

3.      The future is female. 

All the prize winners are greeted.   The Chairman, The Secretary, The Principal and The Director – Academic gave away prizes and certificates to all the participants. 

3.      Class Room Lecture on “Rise of the Women – Rise of the Nation”

In addition to Dr T.K. Anuradha, Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Tamil spoke the lecture on the subject of “Rise of the Women – Rise of the Nation”.

4.      Rally – Slogan for Women Empowerment:-

Above and beyond, The NSS Cell of our College organized a rally to spread awareness about women empowerment. 

All the volunteers of NSS readout the following slogans

1.      An educated man can feed a family, but an educated woman can speed its growth.

2.      Women are equal to men, still not got their due respect

3.      Young of old, you will always need a women’s support

4.      More powerful the women, the stronger will be the nation

5.      Female is gift of our nation

6.      We protect our women

7.      A woman is a country’s fate; do not put her life at stake. 

8.      Restrict a woman’s growth and you shall restrict a family’s growth. 

9.      Women are important for revolutionary growth

10.  Women’s oppression is an obstacle; powerful and free women created a miracle. 

This programme was arranged by the NSS Programme Officers Dr M. Sasikala, Mrs. S. Jayamathi and the Administrative Officer Mr. N.S. Senthilkumar.

            The heads of the departments Dr S. Latha (English), Dr R Malarvizhi (Mathematics) Mrs. P. Sumathi (Physics), Mrs. N. Thangamani (Chemistry), Mrs. K. Punitha (Costume Design and Fashion), Mrs. R. Rupa (Nutrition and Dietetics), Mrs. R. Navamani, AP in Comp. Sci, Dr. N. Elamathi, AP in Comp. Sci., Mrs. A. Nithya (Directress of Physical Education) and more than 50 faculty members took part in those events.   

Kongu Arts and Science College, Dheeran Chinnamalai Nagar, Vennaimalai, Karur and Rotary Club, Karur jointly celebrated “International Women’s Day” on 8th March 2021 at the venue of Atlas (அட்லஸ் கலையரங்கம்) in Karur.  Mr. Atlas M. Nachimuthu, President, Kongu Educational Trust and Correspondent, Kongu Arts and Science College, Karur presided over the programme.  

Mrs. R. Rani, Judge (Retd.) & Dr. Arasuparameswaran, Director – Academic were the special invitees. 

Dr. Arasuparameswaran delivered the topic of Girl,  for many years (பாவைக்கு பல்லாண்டு). 

He highlighted female empowerment for our society’s development.  

Mr. P.K. Sengodan, Chairman, Er. K. Nallusamy, Secretary, Dr. M.R. Lakshiminarayanan, Principal, The HOD’s and the faculty members conveyed greetings to him.  

 Celebrations of International Women’s Day – 8.03.2022

Owing to International Women’s Day, Trinity Women’s Forum of Trinity College for Women, Namakkal organized a one day offline programme in the title of “A seed becomes a tree” (ஒரு விதை விருட்சமாகிறது) on 08th March 2022.   

                   It was held in the place of Trinity Auditorium.    Mrs. P.M. Sheela, District Employment Officer, Namakkal District, Namakkal was the special invitee.   

         For the past few years, more and more youth are preferred to obtain Government Jobs.  Particularly, women are interested in preparing for this Government Examinations through the Private coaching centre or District Employment Office.   Our Youth of Tamil Nadu give more importance to job security and work-life balance than to salary.   Getting Government Jobs is not easy.  Today, we are living in a competitive world.   We have to concentrate more for the completion of competitive examinations.   Hard work, dedication, perfect preparation, continuous study and execution are needed for clearing Government Examinations, she said.  

          Mr. P.K. Sengodan, Chairman of the College, presided over the programme.  Er. K. Nallusamy, Secretary of the College offered his felicitation address.  Dr. M.R. Lakshiminarayanan, Principal welcomed the gathering.  Dr.Arasuparameswaran, Director – Academic offered his felicitation address.

          The Coordinators of Trinity Women’s Forum Dr. J. Barathi and Dr. N. Santhi spoke on that occasion.  

More than 1300 students took part.  Finaly,  Student cultural events were held.    

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