You Tube Virtual Classes

  Presently our curriculum of education is closely and jointly related to YouTube.   It’s a video sharing website. It gives us a good quality education.   In the Modern Era, You tube is a great place.  In this regard, our faculty members are taking classes to our students through the YouTube of virtual classes.

S.No Date Name of the staff Designation Name of the topic handled
1 29.12.22 Dr. P. Pradeepa AP in Tamil தமிழ் விடு தூது Tamil Vidu Thoothu
2 29.12.22 Dr. B. Vishnupriya AP in Tamil உவமைகள்- Uvamaikal
3 29.12.22 Dr R.A. Anitha AP in Tamil நன்னூல் எழுத்து-Nannool Ezhuthu
4 29.12.22 Mrs. S. Hemalatha AP in Tamil

தமிழ் மொழி வரலாறு

Tamil Mozhi Varalaaru

5 29.12.22 Dr. R. Sakunthaladevi AP in Physics Coherence Waves
6 30.12.22 Mrs. V. Indirakumari AP in Chemistry Photochemistry


Chemistry Batteries

7 30.12.22 Mrs. N. Thangamani AP & HOD of Chemistry Green Chemistry


Chemistry Solutions

8 30.12.22 Dr. S. Anidha AP in Chemistry Aromaticity
9 30.12.22 Dr. C. Gobiya AP in English மறைந்து போன இலக்கண நூல்கள் – Marainthu pona ilakkana noolgal
10 30.12.22 Mrs. P. Karthikeyani AP in Statistics Statistical Inference
11 30.12.22 Ms. V. Gokila AP in Mathematics Discontinuation
12 30.12.22 Ms. P. Nandhini AP in Mathematics Wilson’s Theorem in Number Theory
13 02.01.23 Dr. Lalitha Easwaran AP in Chemistry Structure of multiple metal and metal bonds
14 04.01.23 Dr N.Santhi AP & HOD – PG Chemistry Reactive Intermediates
15 04.01.23 Mrs. N.Thangamani AP & HOD – UG Chemistry Nano Chemistry
16 04.01.23 Dr. B. Lakshmi AP & HOD of Physics Uni Junction Transistor
17 05.01.23 Dr. B. Lakshmi AP & HOD of Physics Renewable Energy Sources
18 05.01.23 Dr. R. Malarvizhi AP & HOD of Mathematics Properties of EigenValues
19 05.01.23 Mrs. V. Kalaivani AP in Physics Microprocessor
20 05.01.23 Mrs. B. Kavitha AP in Physics C02 Laser
21 05.01.23 Mrs. P. Rajapadmavathi AP in Commerce Retail Pricing Strategies
22 05.01.23 Mrs. V. Kalaivani AP in Physics Electrodes
23 07.01.23 Dr Lalitha Easwaran AP in Chemistry Structure of Multiple Metal and Metal Bonds
24 07.01.23 Mrs. B. Lena AP in Mathematics Transportation Problem
25 07.01.23 Mrs. K. Akila AP in Physics Laboratory of and centre of mass system
26 07.01.23 Mrs. R. Rupa HOD & AP in

N & D

Therapeutic Diet
27 07.01.23 Ms. P. Sri Renuga Devi AP in N & D Heart and Circulatory System
28 07.01.23 Ms. P. Nagadharshini AP in N & D Food Safety and Security
29 09.01.23 Mrs. G. Nithya AP in Commerce Advanced Corporate Accounting &

Management Accounting

30 10.01.23 Mrs. R. Rupa AP & HOD of Nutrition and Dietetics Oxidation
31 10.01.23 Mrs. S. Mohanapriya AP in Physics Basic Logic Gates
32 10.01.23 Dr. P. Saranya AP & HOD of UG Mathematics General Topology
33 10.01.23 Mrs. P. Karthikeyani AP in Mathematics Correlation
34 24.01.23 Dr.S. Kalaivani AP in Chemistry Organic Manure
35 24.01.23 Mrs. K. Amutha AP in Commerce Business Communication
36 24.01.23 Mrs. M. Ramya AP in Commerce Auditing
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