Campus Ambassadors 27.08.2022

Selection of Campus Ambassadors:-


The Election Commission of India has come up with a novel idea of appointing meritorious college students as “Campus Ambassadors (CA)” to encourage first time voters in an apparent bid to increase the voting attendance in assembly and parliament elections.

In this regard, the following students of our College have been appointed as “Campus Ambassadors”.

It was held on 27.08.2022.

The details of selected students are as follows:-

S.No Name of the student Year and Degree
01 Ms. P. Hinduja III B.A., Tamil
02 Ms.G.N. Vasantha Roja III B.Com., CA
03 Ms. K.Swetha III B.Com.,
04 Ms. K. Priyadharshini III B.Sc., Physics
05 Ms. C. Gayathri III B.Sc., Chemistry
06 Ms. S.Sridevi III B.Sc., Computer Science
07 Ms. N.P. Devika III BCA

The above said students were selected by “Electoral Literacy Club” of the College.  Dr. M.R. Lakshiminarayanan, Principal, Dr. G. Selvalakshmi, Assistant Professor & HOD of PG & Research Department of Commerce/Syndicate Member – Periyar University,  Salem, Mrs. R. Navamani, Assistant Professor and HOD of BCA & B.Sc., Computer Science, Dr. M. Sasikala, Assistant Professor and HOD of B.Com., & B.Com., CA, Dr. T.K. Anuradha, Assistant Professor and HOD of Tamil (PG), Dr. B. Lakshmi, Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Physics (PG), Dr. N. Santhi, Assistant Professor & HOD of Chemistry (PG) and Dr. R. A. Anitha, Assistant professor in Tamil & Coordinator of Electoral Literacy Club have conveyed greetings to all the above mentioned students.

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