Cleaning of water bodies and tree planting

The Department of Municipal Administration  & Water Supply, Government of Tamil Nadu conducted a programme entitled “Cleaning  of water bodies and tree planting” (நீர் நிலைகள் சுத்தம் செய்தல் மற்றும் மரம் நடும் நிகழ்வு) on 23rd July 2022 in the lake of Karuppattipalayam, N. Kosavampatti and Kondichettipatti in the territories of Namakkal Municipality.   

On this subject, the volunteers of National Service Scheme of Trinity College for Women, Namakkal also actively participated and planted the tree saplings in the bank of above said lakes.   It was organized by the municipal authorities of Namakkal Municipality.    The main themes of the event “People’s movement for clean city” (நகரங்களில் தூய்மைக்கான மக்கள் இயக்கம்) & My waste and My responsibility (என் குப்பை எனது பொறுப்பு).

        Mr. P. Ponnaiah, IAS, District Municipal Administration, Government of Tamil Nadu, Mrs. Shreya P. Singh, District Collector, Namakkal,   Mr. P. Ramalingam, MLA of Namakkal Assembly Constituency, Mr. D. Kalanithi, Chairman of Namakkal Municipal Corporation,  Mr. S. Boopathi, Vice-Chairman of Namakkal Municipal Corporation, Mrs. K.M. Sudha, Commissioner of Namakkal Municipality, Mr. G. Sukumar, Namakkal Municipality Engineer Mr. M. Thillai Sivakumar, Pasumai Namakkal,  

      Er. K. Nallusamy, Secretary of Trinity College for Women, Namakkal,  Mr. Rana R Anand, The Person Incharge of DMK, South of Namakkal Town,  Mr. K. Subramanian, Sanitary Inspector, Karuppattipalayam, Mr. S. Sathiyavathi, Ward (No – 1) Councilor of Namakkal Municipality, Mr., S. Ravichandran, Ward (No 1) Former Councilor of Namakkal Municipality,  Dr. M.R. Lakshiminarayanan, Principal of the College, Dr. Arasuparameswaran, Director – Academic, The NSS Programme Officers Dr. M. Sasikala, Mrs. S. Jayamathi, The Administrative Officer Mr. N.S.Senthilkumar, The social workers Mr. K. Asokan, Mr. K. Kumarasamy, Mr. S. Ganesan, Mr. K. Paramasivam, Mr. P. Selvakumar, Mr. R. Ponnusamy and 63 volunteers of NSS, Trinity College for Women actively participated in this programme.  

                                           All the students of NSS took a pledge of purity.  

The lists of students participants were as follows:-

1S.KarthikaII B.Sc. (CS)
2B.Bavya sriII B.Sc. (CS)
3R.MadhumithaII B.Sc. (CS)
4U.NivashiniII B.Sc. (CS)
5R.NivashiniII B.Sc. (CS)
6R.DivyaII B.Sc. (CS)
7M.SusmiII B.Sc. (CS)
8M.M.VarshiniII B.Sc. (CS)
9R.SangeethaII B.Sc. (CS)
10K.SanthiyaII B.Sc. (CS)
11R.GomathiII B.Sc. (CS)
12N.SanthiyaII B.Sc. (CS)
13M.YamunaII BCA
14N.YuvasriII B.Sc. N&D
15K.KaviyaII B.Sc. N&D
16GowmithaII B.Sc. N&D
17K.Chandra prabhaII B.Com CA
18U.TharshiniII B.Com CA
19R.Bhuvana dharshiniII B.Com CA
20S.DeepaII B.Com CA
21G.MonikaII B.Com CA
22S.ElakkiyaII B.Com CA
23B.PunithaII B.Com CA
24R.DeepikaII B.Com CA
25R.Sri pondeviII B.Com CA
26V.MaheswariII B.A Tamil
27R.DivyaII B.A Tamil
28M.RoshiniII B.A Tamil
29V.M.Mohana priyaII B.A Tamil
30S.Padma shreeII B.A Tamil
31N.TharaniII B.A Tamil
32S.PoojaII B.A Tamil
33R.KiranIII – B.COM(CA)
34L.RohiniIII – B.COM(CA)
35S.KaviyaIII – B.COM(CA)
36A.AishwaryaIII – B.COM(CA)
37S.SubasriIII – B.COM(CA)
38S.NithilaIII – B.COM(CA)
39S.M.MehamonalIII – B.COM(CA)
40S.MathumithaIII – B.COM(CA)
41E.BoomikaIII –
42R.Saranya DeviIII – Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry
46P.PavithraIII – (CS)
47S.PavithraIII – (CS)
48K.NandhiniIII – (CS)
49S.RamyaIII – (CS)
50K.SwethaIII – (CS)
51G.SinekaIII – (CS)
52S.KeerthikaIII – B.A English
53A.BoomikaIII – B.A English
54T.DharaniIII – Physics
55T.PrabhaIII – Bcom
56N.P.DevikaIII – BCA
57S.JananiIII – BCA
58M.PreethiIII – BCA
59R.AnishaIII – BCA
60M.RoshiniII B.A Tamil
61V.M.Mohana priyaII B.A Tamil
62S.Padma shreeII B.A Tamil
63N.TharaniII B.A Tamil
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