Introduction of NAAN Mudhalvan Scheme – Reg.,

Naan Mudhalvan Scheme

            Naan Mudhalvan Scheme - நான் முதல்வன்   (I am the first) introduced in the Trinity College for women, Namakkal from 24th February 2023.    The subjects taught in Naan Mudhalvan will be a supporting and assisting course, and it will be offered and presented in a blended manner with both online and offline subject content. 

Apart from the University Syllabi, the faculty members of Trinity College for Women, Namakkal taking classes in the subjects of Cambridge English, Soft Skills, Microsoft sap (cloud computing), data analytics & visualisation, Microsoft digital skills, Goods and Services Tax, Income Tax, National Stock Exchange, etc.,

These Naan Mudhalvan courses will be easier for various companies to recruit our students, as they are already trained, said Principal Dr. M.R. Lakshiminarayanan.    Mrs. Aruna Selvaraj, Executive Director urged the students to take this good opportunity introduced by our honourable Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.    Dr. B. Vishnupriya, Coordinator of Naan Mudhalvan Scheme of the College spoke the highlights of the courses. 

The following faculty members are handling the classes for our students

Name of the departmentName of the TopicName of the Resource Person
Department of Nutrition & Department of Dietetics and Costume Design & FashionDigital skills for employabilityMs. K.P. Theepika,AP in CDF
Department of Nutrition & Department of Dietetics and Costume Design & FashionEmployability ReadinessMrs. R. Rupa,AP & HOD of Nut. & Diet.
Department of TamilEmployability ReadinessMrs. S. Jayamathi,AP in Tamil
Department of ChemistryMicrosoft SAP &Microsoft WordDr. Lalitha Easwaran &Dr. S. KalaivaniFaculty of Chemistry
Department of ChemistryEmployability ReadinessMrs. V. IndirakumariAP in Chemistry
Department of Computer ScienceMicrosoft Digital SkillsMrs. S. Bhuvaneswari & Mrs. A. KavithaFaculty of Computer Science
Department of Computer ScienceCloud ComputingMrs. K. Mekala,AP in Computer Science
Department of CommerceDigital Skill for EmployabilityDr. M. Sasikala, AP & HOD in Commerce &Dr. S. Devi,AP in Economics
Department of CommerceIncome Tax and Goods & Services TaxDr. R. Suba,AP in Commerce
Department of EnglishCambridge CourseMrs. G. Kannagi,Mrs. R. Priyadharshini,Ms. M. Rekha,Mrs. J.Evangelin &Mrs. K. GowrimalaFaculty of English
Department of EnglishEmployability ReadinessMrs. M. Saranya,AP in English
Department of PhysicsMicrosoft SkillsMrs. B. Kavitha,AP in Physics
Department of PhysicsData Analysis & VisualizationMrs. S. MohanapriyaAP in Physics
Department of MathematicsMicrosoft SkillsMrs. B. Lena,AP  & HOD of Mathematics
Department of MathematicsData Analysis & VisualizationMrs. P. Karthikeyani,AP in Statistics

In earlier, Faculty Development Programme on “Naan Mudhalvan – நான் முதல்வன்   (I am the first) was held in the premises of Periyar University, Salem and Sona College of Arts and Science, Salem in the month of February 2023.  The faculty members of Trinity College for Women, Namakkal,   Mrs. K. Mekala, Mrs. A. Kavitha, Mrs. K. Gowrimala, Mrs. P. Karthikeyani, Mrs. S. Mohanapriya and Dr. R. Suba  attended the FDP Programme.  

          Mr. P.K.Sengodan, Chairman, Er. K. Nallusamy, Secretary & Dr. Arasuparameswaran, Director – Academic conveyed their greetings to all the students of our College.

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