You Tube Classes of Staff Members

You Tube Classes

  • Now Education, especially higher education is closely related to YouTube.   It’s a video sharing website. It provides good quality education.   In the Modern Era, You tube is a great place.  In this regard, our faculty members are taking classes to our students through the YouTube of virtual classes.

The details are as follows:

S.No Date Name of the staff Designation Name of the topic handled
01 21.09.2022 Mrs. V. Indirakumari Assistant Professor in Chemistry Electrochemistry
02 21.09.2022 Dr. S.Anidha Assistant Professor in Chemistry Organometallic compounds wade’s Rule calculus
03 21.09.2022 Mrs. P. Nandhini Assistant Professor in Mathematics Application of Laplace Transform and its Inverse
04 21.09.2022 Mrs. S. Madhukaraveni Assistant Professor in Statistics Graph Theory
05 24.09.2022 Mrs. V. Abirami Assistant Professor in Computer Science C Language
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